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Services I provide through Legg Consulting and Electronics are aimed at individuals and small business owners. Services may be as simple as installing a new hard drive or as complex as creating a new computer network. Maybe it could even by restoring an old AM radios that your grandmother and you used to listen to when you were young. Many people are over whelmed by technology’s techno talk. The complicated to you is usually simple to me. Maybe you have no idea where to start or where to go to create a web presence. In addition, individuals and small business are often ignored by larger consulting firms or their fees are beyond their budgets. If I cannot do the work for you directly, I will put you in contact with a competent individual or company that can. You can learn more about the services provided by following one of the paths provided below.

What Others Say

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the work Charles Legg recently
    performed for Global Builders Restoration. I was especially impressed with the meticulous
    detail that he demonstrated on this project. You are definitely a person that can
    be counted on and trusted to do a thorough job.
    — Jonathan Schooler, President - Global Builders Restoration - Columbus, Ohio
  • Mr. Legg's fee and time were very reasonable and he was always available for
    consultations. I feel that he is the best consultant there is in Central Ohio and
    I give him the highest recommendation possible.
    — Mark Kitrick, Owner - Mark Kitrick Co., L.P.A. - Columbus, Ohio
  • I want to thank Charles Legg for the excellent repair work he has done for MUZAK
    over the past two years. His work and pricing have been the best.
    — Phil Argento, General Manager - MUZAK - Columbus, Ohio
  • Lt. Charles Legg has moved the Division of Fire into the computer age with a well-developed
    plan and his ability to systematically move computer stock through a logical sequence
    of replacement has been a cost savings for the city. The citizens of Columbus are
    truly blessed to have an officer of his caliber.
    — Richard Braun, Assistant Fire Chief -Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire
  • Charles Legg has bailed me out of many sticky situations over the years. He is consistently
    the guy I call first to help with my IT work. His expertise is unique in that he
    has a knack for effectively troubleshooting IT problems.
    — Rick Allen, Owner - Allen Direct Marketing & Publishing - Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Charles was the go-to guy for troubleshooting electronic & mechanical exhibits,
    developing computer controls and audio-visual presentations and designing museum
    lighting. He implemented emergency procedures and conducted regular staff training.
    — Chuck O'Connor, Vice President for Exhibits - The Center of Science and Industry
  • Mr. Legg's impeccable attention to detail and willingness to explain things
    in layman terms are services I did not find in the other competing companies that
    I interviewed.
    — Jonathan Schooler, President - Global Builders Restoration - Columbus, Ohio
  • After Charles Legg left COSI for the fire service, he continued to serve as a valuable
    consultant on a wide range of electronic, operations and safety issues.
    — Chuck O'Connor, Vice President for Exhibits - The Center of Science and Industry


 The Individual User


Today, computers, cell phones, smart televisions, or wireless anything can be very frustrating to the nontechnical person. They can be difficult to setup and use. It seems the smarter our devices become, the more complex they become to operate. If this is the way you feel, then that is where my services can come to your rescue. It could be as simple as hooking up that new DVD player to your media center, or as complex as setting up a secure wireless network for your home and then connecting all your devices to that network.

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Small Business

 The Small Business Owner


The owners of small businesses today must wear many hats; often one of those hats involves technology. While large companies can afford to hire fulltime workers to run the tech needs of their companies, small businesses often do not have that luxury. It could be how to secure your network from hackers, setting up wired and wireless networks, or just making sure your data is backed up in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. These are the areas that I can provide valuable help.

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About the Owner

Charles Legg wearing a blue shirt and tieAs owner and operator of C. W. Legg Electronics and Consulting, I have over 57 years of electronics and computer technology knowledge which has been gained from working as a broadcast engineer with a major university radio station, providing electro-mechanical engineer services for a major science center in Columbus, Ohio, and as an information technology manager for a major metropolitan  fire department. In addition, I have a diverse background in electricity, electronics, audio/visual equipment, photography, web design, and graphic arts. I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Now that you know something about me, how can I help you today? 

- Charles W. Legg, Jr.

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